Food Truck Financing Programs

BNC Specializes in a Wide Range of Financial Products for the Catering and Event Industry

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Application only Program

  • $5,000  to $250,000
  • Quick Approvals
  • Financial Statements Not Required
  • A & B Credit up to $250,000
  • 100% Financing

Higher Risk & Challenged Credits

Have a good story? We want to hear it.

  • B, C, D Credits with bureau scores as low as 550
  • Under 3 Years Time in Business with bureau scores as low as 650
  • Competitive risk based pricing
  • Structured approvals & approvals with additional collateral

No Age Limit Used equipment financing

  • 24 to 48 month terms – Up to 60 Month with Used Condition Report
  • Top Tier Credit Programs have no age or mileage restrictions
  • Challenged credit program may have age restrictions

Seasonal Payment Schedules

Is your Business Seasonal?

  • With strong credit we are able to set up seasonal payment structures so that your payments are less when it is your slow season.

Software Financing

  • Upgrade your Office
  • 100% Software Financing Programs Available
    • Renewal, Subscription and Cloud Based Financing
  • Server and Data Storage Financing Available
  • Telecommunications Financing
    • Voice and Data Communications

Asset Backed Financing Programs

Financing Programs Secured by Collateral

  • All Industries
  • No Minimum FICO Requirement
  • Startups, Expansions and Business Acquisitions
  • Equipment Financing and Working Capital
  • Must have 2x collateral position

Restaurant Equipment Financing & Leasing

Do you have a Brick and Mortar Restaurant or Food Service Business? We offer

  • Restaurant Financing
  • Catering Equipment Financing

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Working Capital Programs

Short Term Working Capital

  • All Credit Types
  • All Business Types
  • Quick Approval and Turnaround
  • Receive Funds in as Little as Two Days
  • Based on Revenue

Sale Leaseback and Equipment Refinance

Flexible Program allowing you to refinance an asset.

  • Refinance Asset Currently Financed through another lender
  • Pull Equity from an unencumbered asset
  • Purchase Asset Currently Leased - Sale Leaseback

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Merchant Advance

Does your business accept credit cards? Our Business Cash Advance is conveniently paid through a percentage of your future credit card sales.

Mobile Payment Processing Solutions

Poynt Spec Sheet

Mobile Payment Processing Solutions with built in printer, Wifi and Bluetooth Capabilities.

We can Eliminate your Credit Card Processing Fees

Zero Cost Credit Program allows you to surcharge the credit card fees. Accept credit card for any amount and the customer pays the fees.

If they want to pay with credit card it will cost them and not you