Brew Bomb is offering Commercial Cold Brew Machine Financing & Leasing through BNC Finance.

A wide range of financing solutions for your business.

  • 6 Month Deferred Machine Financing Program
  • Startup and New Business Financing up to $50,000
  • Cold Brew Machine Financing up to 60 Months

Apply Now for Commercial Cold Brew Machinery Financing

How Cold Brew Machine Financing Works

Cold Brew Machine Financing Process

  1. Choose Machine

    Choose which Cold Brew Machine you are looking to finance. Brew Bomb offers several types of machines ranging from the Ace Brewer to the X-Series.

  2. Apply Online

    Apply for Cold Brew machine financing through the simple mobile and desktop-friendly application below.

  3. Discuss the Financing Request

    A BNC Finance business advisor will reach out to you and go over the financing request. If approved they will discuss the terms with you and send out DocuSign documents.

  4. Sign Documents

    Once you sign the DocuSign documents we reach out to do a final verbal and release the funds to Brew Bomb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a down payment?

Most approvals require 1 to 2 payments upfront. Financing does not require a down payment unless you get approved for less than the cost of the cold brew machine you are looking to purchase.

Can I finance Cold Brew Machine Supplies and accessories?

We do not finance supplies and accessories by themselves. If you are financing a cold brew machine we can also add in additional soft costs such as supplies and accessories.