Payment Processing Solutions

Accept Credit Cards for 0%

Instantly Improve profit margins and stop paying expensive fees to accept credit card. Our surcharging solution passes on the fee to the consumer and you pay 0% in processing fees to accept credit cards. Some State Restrictions*

For Government & Education

A solution that improves on the flat -rate service fee model, pricing different cards at different prices.  68% of Consumers Save with Intelligent Rate*

Fast Track Funding

Same Day ACH funding program

Credit and Debit Card Processing

ACH/EFT & Check Processing

Smartphone, Mobile and Wireless Processing

Internet Processing

Gift/Loyalty Cards

Merchant Cash Advance

Customer Paying In Coffee Shop Using Touchscreen

Business Management and Point of Sale Solutions:

Run your small business better
• Who your most valuable customers are
• When to do a promotion or offer
• What has been in inventory too long

Critical info at your fingertips
• Whenever you want, wherever you are
• Real time revenues & transactions
• Ideal with iPad and iPad Mini
• Average ticket size

Mobile Processing

Process payments with your tablet or smartphone.
Not every payment happens at a sales counter, or on the Internet. From salespeople to field service technicians to drivers, some businesses need the ability to accept payments on the go, or without the restrictions of POS hardware or wired connections.

BNC makes mobile business easy by turning your
tablet or smartphone into a secure processing
solution for credit cards. The software even supports
telephone and mail order sales as well as face-to-face transactions.

Mobile computing devices. Laptop, tablet pc and  cellphone. 3d
credit cards on a blue background, selective focus. closeup.

EMV Smart “Chip” Card Processing

EMV is an increased two-way interaction and fraud control between the payment card and the terminal.

It is the technical standard that ensures chip-based payment
cards and terminals are compatible around the world.
EMV leverages the secure chip memory and an intelligent
processor to enable a different authentication and cardholder
verification method for every transaction

Unlike a mag-stripe card that can be copied (“skimmed”),
chip technology combats counterfeiting by assigning a
dynamic value for each transaction

October 1, 2015 = Liability Shift: On this date, if a
merchant does not have EMV capable hardware, they will assume 100% liability for counterfeit transactions.