Accept Credit Cards for 0%

Instantly Improve profit margins and stop paying expensive fees to accept credit card. Our surcharging solution passes on the fee to the consumer and you pay 0% in processing fees to accept credit cards. Some State Restrictions*

Retail eCommerce - Set up Online Store to Sell Products

  • OmniCommerce Solution - MultiChannel Commerce
  • Customer Specific Price List for Retail, wholesale and other customizable options
  • Improve Consumer Shopping Engine Ranking with surcharging Integration
  • Inventory Management - Automatically Upload Inventory from phone
  • FedEx & UPS rate calculators

QuickBooks Merchant Service Integration

Our Quickbooks Merchant Services Integration allows you to Keep using QuickBooks while paying low credit card processing fees. Simple to use payment integration. Allowing you to have the same functionality while reducing your credit card processing fees.

  • Multiple Processing Fee Options for Quickbooks Merchant Service Integration
    • Interchange plus pricing
    • Zero Cost Credit Card Surcharging Solution
  • Keep using Quickbooks and reduce payment processing expenses
  • OmniChannel Ability: For all ways, businesses accept credit card
    • In-person Card Present Quickbooks integration.
    • Hosted Payment Page Quickbooks Integration
    • Virtual Terminal Quickbooks integration

Fast Track Funding

Same Day ACH funding program

Free Merchant Processing Fee Savings Analysis

Let's see how much we can save your business in merchant processing fees. We have a wide range of processing solutions and in some cases can eliminate the fees you pay to process credit cards.

Industry Specific Merchant Service Solutions

Offering a wide range of customized industry-specific payment processing solutions. Find the best ways for your business to accept credit cards.

Property Management Rent Collection Processing

Payment processing Solution allows property managers the ability to accept credit cards for rental payments while paying zero cost on credit card processing fees.

Attorney & Lawyer Payment Procesing

Attorneys can now take large payments by credit card without incurring the credit card processing fee. This solution allows attorneys a zero cost credit card processing merchant service solution.

Construction Industry Credit Card Processing Solution

Zero Cost Credit Card Processing for the Construction Industry. Allows subcontractors and specialty contractors the ability to accept credit card payments and pay zero cost on processing fees. The construction industry credit card surcharging solution is 100% compliant.

Auto Dealer Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

Auto Dealers no longer need to limit the amount they can accept by credit card. This solution allows a compliant alternative so that your auto sales team can take large down payments by credit card without hurting the bottom line. Accept unlimited credit cards for a fixed monthly fee.

Storage Business Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

Storage Facility merchant service solution allows storage companies the ability to pay 0% to accept credit cards and only pay on debit. 100% compliant storage business credit card surcharging solution.

Home Staging Business Payment Processing Solution

Storage Facility merchant service solution allows storage companies the ability to pay 0% to accept credit cards and only pay on debit. 100% compliant storage business credit card surcharging solution.

Software as a Service (SAAS) Payment Processing Solution

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees while Incentivizing customers to use debit vs credit. Improving SAAS company's bottom line.

Merchant Service Referral Program

Earn residual income by referring over businesses that sign up with BNC Finance. Its easy we do a free merchant savings analysis and if they sign up you earn income month over month. 

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