How Construction Equipment Financing Loans work

We understand that getting the right construction equipment for your project may require working capital. Our Construction Equipment Financing Loans help contractors get the machinery they need.

PreQualify for Construction Equipment Loan (No Credit Check)

What type of Construction Equipment can you finance?

Generally any type of construction equipment that is essential to your business. Whether you need heavy machinery, attachments, construction technology, or even scaffolding.

How to Qualify for Construction Equipment Financing?

Trying to qualify for equipment financing can be a frustrating process. BNC makes the application process as easy as possible. One easy online application allows you to apply to several specialized programs allowing BNC to provide you the best solution to fit your business needs. We have corp-only programs for established businesses as well as startup and challenged credit programs for businesses that are in a different stage of the cycle.

How to Apply for Construction Equipment Financing

With BNC Finance, Applying for a Construction Equipment loan is an easy process. Fill out our quick and easy mobile-friendly online application then one of our business advisors will reach out to you. We will discuss your financing requirements to figure out the best solution to fit your business needs. Once you have applied for construction equipment financing you can have an answer in as little as an hour, in some cases it can take 24 hours.

Types of Financing & Leasing Programs

Attachment Only Financing Program

Many lenders will not finance machinery attachments by themselves.  Our construction attachment program allows contractors the ability to Finance construction attachments/implements without financing the machine it is attached to.

Used Equipment with No Age Restrictions

No age Restriction Used Equipment Financing allows you to finance older model equipment without age or mileage restrictions. Terms up to 60 months, dependent on the estimated useful life of the equipment. Application only up to $250,000

Private Party Non-Dealer Equipment Financing

Our private party equipment financing program allows businesses to finance heavy equipment from private sellers. Many banks will not finance used equipment unless it is being purchased from a certified equipment dealer. Our Private Party financing allows you to take advantage of great deals from private sellers.

Auction Financing

Get pre-approved to finance heavy equipment from the auction. Take advantage of good opportunities knowing your purchasing budget. Approvals last for up to two months giving you time to prepare for the auction and budget properly to bid on the equipment you need.

90 Day Deferred Financing

Contractors can acquire the equipment they need and use it for 90 days prior to any regular payments. Deferred equipment financing allows businesses to get a headstart on productivity and improve cash flow.

How 90 Day Deferred Equipment Financing works:

The business is able to take possession of equipment with no regular payments for 3 months. Deferred payment structure works with 24 to 60-month equipment financing and leasing terms. Startup and new businesses do not qualify for the deferred payment program.

Seasonal Payment Program

Does your business slow down at certain times of the year? We offer a seasonal payment construction equipment financing program. Gives you the ability to have lower payments in the slow season.

Startup & New Business

Construction Startup Business heavy Equipment Financing. Financing up to $40,000, terms up to 60 months