Offering a wide range of UAV Financing and Leasing solutions to various industries. Whether your a drone service provider that needs startup and new business financing or a large organization that needs corp-only financing. Offering a wide range of structures and terms to acquire the commercial drone technology your business needs. Learn about Drone UAV Financing & Leasing for all types of businesses.

Drone (UAV) Financing & Leasing

Most businesses have trouble where to find commercial drone & UAV financing. Many financial institutions are not aware of the value this technology brings to many business sectors. Commercial Drone Financing increases productivity while reducing costs for Construction, Agriculture, Utility, and many other business sectors.

How to Apply for UAV Financing

How Drone & UAV Financing Works?

Drone financing is a type of equipment financing where a business finances a commercial drone for business purposes, allowing the business to acquire the drone and use it as collateral against the loan.

What are the Requirements to Finance a drone?

If you are financing a drone for commercial use you must have a business. If you do not already have a business set up you must file for a dba or “doing business as”. To get approved for drone financing, they are going to look at four factors. These factors are time in business, credit score, business credit, and revenue. Below you will see some drone financing and leasing programs as well as the requirements to get approved.

Drone Financing Commercial Sectors

As drone technology enhances so does the need for their applications across a variety of sectors. Here is a list of some of the drone industry sectors that can be financed.

Drone & UAV Financing Programs

Startup Business Drone Financing Requirements

Businesses that are under two years time in business are considered startup businesses. The time in business is identified by when the business started operating with a dba.

Credit Score: 700 or above.

Funding Amount: $3,000 to $50,000

Term Lengths: 24 to 60-month terms

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Established Business UAV & Drone Financing Requirements

Once a company has more than two years time in business they have more options available to them. As you can see in the infographic above, the credit score is a lower requirement than for the startup business.

Credit Score: 600 and above

Funding Amount: $3,000 to $250,000 (comparable credit debt for larger amounts)

Term Lengths: 24 to 60-month terms

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Drone Financing with 90 day deferred payments

90 Day Deferred Payments Drone Financing

Drone financing program that allows them to defer payments for 90 days. A great way for businesses to get a head start on productivity.

Credit Score: 650 and above

Funding Amount: $3,000 to $250,000 (comparable credit debt for larger amounts)

Term lengths: Terms from 24 to 60 months

Commercial Drone & UAV Leasing Program

Application Only Commercial Drone Leasing Program

  • Application Only UAV Leasing from $500 up to $500,000
  • Multiple Lease Structure Options
  • Drone Lease Terms from 12 to 60 Months
  • No down payment programs available
  • Seasonal and Quarterly Lease Payment Options
  • Master Lease Line:  Acquire several pieces of drone and UAV-related equipment and wrap them into one lease payment.

What is Drone & UAV Leasing

UAV leasing is a type of equipment leasing where a business leases a commercial drone for business purposes. Drone leasing increases your budget. Drone leases can have different end-of-term options including ownership.

UAV Leasing Requirements

In order to qualify for a drone lease, you must have a business entity or dba. When applying for uav leasing they look at business credit, Revenue, Time in business, and Shareholder credit. If a business is under two years in business it is considered higher risk so the shareholders must have stronger credit scores than if they had more than two years of time in business. Below is a chart with the drone leasing requirements.

Drone Leasing Credit Matrix

Drone(UAV) Leasing Credit Matrix

Drone(UAV) Financing & Leasing Alternatives

Here are some other financing solutions that can be used for businesses.

Line of Credit

Flexible Line of Credit for Your Businesses Cash Flow Requirements. Draw as needed for Commercial Drone parts and repairs. There are many reasons to get a line of credit. Above all, it keeps your cash flow healthy.

Solutions for Commercial Drone Manufacturers & Dealers

Offer Drone Financing

Offer Drone Financing to your commercial customers. Improve sales and return on investment by implementing marketing programs around financing incentives.

  • Free Marketing Material
  • Web Application Landing Page
  • Sales training
  • Customized Solutions for your customers

Wholesale Payment Processing Solution for Drone Dealers

  • Pay 0% to Accept Credit Card
  • No Equipment Required
  • Secure payment link inserted with invoices
  • Increase Account Receivable turnover
  • Reduce Collections

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