Contactless Payments transform traditional menus to digital menu experiences

Benefits of Digital Menus

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and safety by offering a contactless digital menu and mobile payment technology
  • Can be deployed in a variety of markets including restaurants, hotels, airports, retail stores, family and entertainment as well as casino resorts.
  • Improves the value in your POS giving you tools to convert transactions while building customer loyalty and increasing brand engagement.

Contactless Scan and Order

Contactless Payments
  • A contactless digital ordering solution for your customers. The customer simply scans QR code and pulls up the menu to order from their mobile phone device.
  • Enhance your guest experience and keep them feeling safe while improving the efficiency of taking orders.
  • Multiple integration options
  • Lowers expenses for the businesses by reducing the burden of employees taking orders.

Contactless Scan and Pay

QR Code
  • Scan and Pay allow customers a contactless way to pay their bill. They simply scan the QR code on the receipt and it takes them to a mobile payment page on their phone.
  • Customers have the ability to use all major credit cards/debit cards, google pay and Apple Pay
  • A quicker way for customers to pay, increasing the table turns.
  • Give customers to email or SMS the receipt.
  • Can be used with iOS devices and Android Devices

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