Social Media Tips to Sell Heavy Equipment

Are you a company selling heavy equipment? If so, you have probably given a lot of thought to your marketing strategy.

Did you know that around 75% of all consumers use social media to help them make an informed purchasing decision? If you want to sell heavy equipment successfully, it is therefore vital that you have a good social media marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do this…

Use Instagram to post equipment pictures for sale.

Instagram is a very powerful social media tool and posting pictures of equipment for sale is an effortless way to generate more sales. When your selling equipment it is recommended to stick to one piece of equipment per post. Include several pictures in the post so potential buyers can swipe to see all the highlights of the equipment you are selling. You can also make videos presenting the benefits of the equipment. Whether it is using the equipment in action or walking around and pointing out all the features of the equipment you are selling.

Tag Relevant Accounts

Tag relevant accounts for further marketing purposes


In addition, tagging @constructionequipmentfinancing can also help greatly as interested buyers will be able to apply for financing from their smartphone. In your description mention that financing options are available through @constructionequipmentfinancing. This way customers who may not be able to afford your equipment can apply to get financing.



@PostMyMachine is an Instagram account that features heavy equipment pics from other accounts. Tag them in your posts for a chance to have your equipment featured on their account. This allows all their followers to see your equipment with a link to your Instagram page. When posting pictures of equipment for sale on Instagram, remember to tag important accounts such as @postmymachine to re-share your equipment to a much larger audience.

Give Customers Easy Way to Prequalify for Financing

Choose other Social Media Platforms

Have a presence on the right social media platforms.

Once you have identified your target audience, you need to determine which social media platforms they are most active on.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media network, having a presence on the right network can help you to market your business effectively and sell your heavy equipment. In our opinion Instagram has been a great way to find equipment buyers.

Post Relevant Content

Post relevant and exciting content at the right time.

Once you have a presence on the correct social media networks for your business, you need to create relevant, exciting and interesting content that will appeal to your target audience. The more original and engaging, the better.

This should be done carefully so that you capture a potential customer’s attention. Be careful not to post content too often as this could irritate your followers and have an adverse effect.

Consider Advertising

Consider advertising on social media.

Placing ads on your chosen social media network can have an amazing impact. Your ad could be viewed by users who aren’t following you as “sponsored” advertisements. Your audiences can be segmented for the demographic and location of your target audience.

Although you pay for these advertisements, the cost is very reasonable, and you have the opportunity of reaching a very wide audience.

Interact with your Followers

Make sure to Interact with your followers.

Remember to interact with your followers by responding to questions and comments and having a meaningful, online conversation with them. This shows your target audience that you are a company with a human side that really cares about its customers.

When customers are interested in purchasing heavy equipment it is usually a time-sensitive matter. Make sure you respond quickly because if you do not you run the risk of them purchasing a similar piece from your competitor.

Interacting with followers can also increase your ability to be seen by more accounts. The more likes and comments you receive the higher your post ranks. If you constantly interact with followers you have a better chance of receiving more likes and comments.

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