Financing For Home and Commercial Furniture Staging Business

Thinking of starting a home staging business? or ready to take your home staging business to the next level?  Consider the benefits of financing options for your home and commercial staging business!

The good thing about furniture staging businesses is that there are a wide range of financing options available to them, below we have listed some of them.


Home & Commercial Furniture Staging Business Inventory Financing

By carrying your own inventory, home staging businesses can significantly boost their growth potential. It allows furniture staging companies to have the inventory ready to quickly stage a project. The staging company doesn't have to go to a third party to rent the furniture that they are using to stage. Furniture staging companies increase profit margins significantly by carrying their own inventory. Especially when they finance the inventory because they have a low monthly payment to acquire a large amount of inventory. Furthermore, your competitors who have their own inventory will likely get ahead of the competition if you don’t build one.

However, funding your inventory out of your own money would only put a strain on your cash flow and worse, limit the amount of inventory you can acquire. Financing your inventory, on the other hand, enables you to buy larger quantities of inventory at once, while paying a low monthly payment.

Equipment Financing for Home & Commercial Furniture Staging Businesses

Equipment financing allows staging businesses to acquire large amounts of inventory and maintain a positive cash flow. Also, Equipment financing is a great option for home staging businesses that are growing rapidly. It allows them to purchase large amounts of furniture and other inventory for a low monthly payment. Staging businesses can finance their furniture inventory for up to 60-month terms allowing them to start making positive cash flow right away.

Line of Credit For Home Staging Businesses

A line of credit can be a great financing option for home & commercial furniture staging business. Line of credit allows the furniture staging business to have funds available for when they need them. The other benefit is that they only pay interest on what they borrow. Also, A line of credit is a very flexible solution. this allows the staging business to easily handle the ebbs and flows in production.

Invoice Factoring For Commercial Furniture Staging Companies

If you are offering lengthy payment terms for your clients, and your clients are businesses, you may qualify for invoice factoring. Invoice Factoring allows your business to get paid cash on outstanding invoices. This can be a great option for commercial furniture stages that usually don't get paid for several months for their services.

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