How Invoice Factoring improves cash flow for subcontractors in the construction industry

How does invoice factoring help subcontractors

Subcontracting can be very rewarding business, especially if you are able to effectively manage your cash flow. The problem that most subcontractors face is the time it takes them to get paid once they finish the work. Most sub contractors are paid anywhere from net 30 to net 90. This means that when they finish the work and invoice the customer they need to wait an additional 30 to 90 days to get paid. What this causes is a huge cash flow constraint, they are still waiting to get paid on the last job in order to start the next.

How invoice factoring works for subcontractors

How invoice factoring works for subcontractors: Invoice Factoring is a great cash flow solution for the construction industry it allows sub contractors to get paid up front when they invoice or advances on unpaid invoices. The subcontractor is then able to collect funds when they invoice, Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days to get paid. This allows the business to start on the next job or project and avoid the downtime of waiting to get paid. Invoice Factoring allows the contractor to take on more jobs because they do not have to wait to get paid every time they finish a job.

Invoice Factoring allows subcontractors to seize opportunities

Invoice Factoring allows subcontractors to Seize more opportunities: Factoring gives subcontractors the ability to take on larger opportunities. In most cases you will find that the larger the contract the worse the terms. Without invoice factoring some businesses may not be able to afford taking on a job that doesn't pay for 90 days. In some cases this could bankrupt a company. This allows the contractor to take on much larger jobs because they know that they will be paid when they invoice as opposed to 90 days out.

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Invoice Factorings flexibility is a great fit for subcontractors

Timing is crucial: For most subcontractors. They are either running into cash flow constraints because they have not been paid or they might be losing out on large opportunities. Most of the time they do not have time to set up a Bank Loan. These types of loans typically require detailed financial records and long approval processes. Not to mention most term loans wouldn't effectively manage your gaps in receivables and payable. Once invoice factoring is set up the subcontractor is able to draw on the invoices they need to be paid on.

Invoice Factoring provides a long term cash flow solution for subcontractors

Invoice factoring provides a long term cash flow solution. Timing is crucial: Invoice factoring makes it easy for subcontractors to effectively manage their cash flow. When they are drawing on invoices they are only borrowing the money for the time frame they are waiting to get paid. It allows them to sustain the long term growth of taking on more jobs that they would otherwise not be able

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