Is a Cash Discount Program a Compliant alternative to surcharging

Why most cash discount programs are not compliant

This video goes over why most cash discount programs are not compliant. It is a way for merchant service companies to find a workaround from going through compliance of surcharging. Compliant credit card surcharging solutions make it much easier for a merchant to be compliant without making so many adjustments to their business.

Requirments for Compliant Cash Discount Program

  • A compliant cash discount program requires the business owner to keep prices the same and lower them when customers pay cash. This is not effective for businesses looking to eliminate their merchant processing fees.
  • A Cash discount program only works with card present transactions. Therefore a cash discount program would not work for over the phone transactions or online payment gateways.
  • A Compliant Surcharging solution is much easier to implement than a cash discount program.
  • Compliant surcharging solutions can be used for all types of ways businesses accept credit card.

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