Payment Processing Terminal QuickBooks Integration

Reduce QuickBooks credit card processing fees by a simple to use payment integration. Allowing you to have the same functionality while reducing your credit card processing fees. 

The Payment Terminal for QuickBooks allows merchants to process Credit Card & ACH (Check) transactions and automatically post back the payments to QuickBooks safely and securely. 

Highlighted Features of QuickBooks Integration

Desktop Quickbooks: Simplified payment processing for QuicKBooks®: Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Accountant. 

Real-time Posting: Immediate posting of payments Into QuickBooks®in real-time, eliminating any double entry. 

Credit Cards & ACH (EFT): Payments processing for QuickBooks® Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Statement Charges using your merchant account. 

Swiped Transactions: Compatible with most USB Card Readers, lowering the overall cost of credit card processing. 

Multiple Merchant Accounts: Manage multiple merchant accounts with multiple QuickBooks company files. 

Recurring Billing: Process invoices across all your Customer: Jobs with our Multiple Customer screen. 

Protect Your Business: Store all of your customer's credit card sensitive data in our secure, encrypted, and fully protected PCI Compliant vault storage system. 

Store Multiple Credit Cards: Save multiple payment methods for each of your Customer: Job in our Level 1 PCI Compliant Vault. 

  • Unlimited Desktop installations 
  • Easy to Use Interface. start processing immediately
  • Process Credit Cards In Real-Time
  • Unlimited Saved Credit Cards per Customer: Job 
  • Immediate Posting of the Payments in QuickBooks 
  • Multiple Invoices per Customer Transaction 
  • Pay Invoices, Statement Charges, and Sales Receipts 
  • Save Full Contact Info for Each Saved Credit Card 
  • Full Customer: Job QuickBooks integration
  • Monthly Billing of Invoices and Statement Charges 
  • Canadian QuickBooks Support
  • Multiple MID per QuickBooks File Support 
  • Desktop and Server Installations 

QuickBooks Compatibility list for payment terminal

  • Desktop Operating System Supported: Win 7. 8, 8.1 and 10 
  • Server Operating System Supported: Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later 
  • QuickBooks Supported: QulckBooks® 2009 or later 
  • U.S. & Canadian Editions (including 2016) 
  • QuickBooks® Pro 
  • QuickBooks® Premier 
  • QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions 
  • QuickBooks® Accountant 
  • QuickBooks® for MAC supported with a Windows emulator like VM-Ware or Parallels. 

Payment Integration for QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale)

The payment integration for QuickBooks Point of Sale allows you to process from QuickBooks® Point of Sale to your merchant accounts and save money.

Highlighted Product Features

Priced Right: Simplified subscriptions are a very attractive offer to merchants who are already dealing with various other fees and charges. 

Level 1 PCI Compliance: Level 1 PCI Compliant solution for your merchant data and processing requirements. 

Credit Card Processing: Payments processing for QuickBooks® Point of Sale and use our credit card merchant account to save on fees.

Swiped Transactions: Compatible with most USB Card Readers, lowering the overall cost of credit card processing. 

Works with QBPoint of Sale: Works with QBPOS® versions 10, 11 & 12 and keeps the same workflow to increase your productivity.  

Protect Your Business: Processed credit cards, account info, and sensitive data is on our secure, encrypted, and fully protected Level 1 PCI Compliant vault processing center. 

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