A Credit Card Processor that Integrates with Quickbooks

Reduce QuickBooks credit card processing fees by a simple to use payment integration. Allowing you to have the same functionality while reducing your credit card processing fees. 

The Payment Terminal for QuickBooks allows merchants to process Credit Card & ACH (Check) transactions and automatically post back the payments to QuickBooks safely and securely. 

QuickBooks Merchant Account Integrations

QuickBooks Recurring Billing Merchant Account Integration

Integrate with QuickBooks and offer recurring billing without paying the high credit card processing fees. Customer's information can be stored securely and automatically bill customers each month.

Pay 0% Credit Card Processing Fees through QuickBooks Merchant Account Integration

Now you can set up a compliant surcharging solution allowing you to pay 0% in credit card processing fees. Surcharging solution allows the business to pass on the fees to the customer while staying 100% compliant with the rules set by the card brands. Insert a payment link into QuickBook invoices allowing customers to pay by credit card. When they pay by credit card the customer pays the fees. The business receives the whole transaction amount. So if you charge $1,000 you receive $1,000. When the customer pays you receive an email notification and clear out your QuickBooks invoice.

Free QuickBooks Merchant Account Savings Analysis

Highlighted Features of QuickBooks Integration

Desktop Quickbooks: Simplified payment processing for QuicKBooks®: Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Accountant. 

Real-time Posting: Immediate posting of payments Into QuickBooks®in real-time, eliminating any double entry. 

Credit Cards & ACH (EFT): Payments processing for QuickBooks® Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Statement Charges using your merchant account. 

Swiped Transactions: Compatible with most USB Card Readers, lowering the overall cost of credit card processing. 

Multiple Merchant Accounts: Manage multiple merchant accounts with multiple QuickBooks company files. 

Recurring Billing: Process invoices across all your Customer: Jobs with our Multiple Customer screen. 

Protect Your Business: Store all of your customer's credit card sensitive data in our secure, encrypted, and fully protected PCI Compliant vault storage system. 

Store Multiple Credit Cards: Save multiple payment methods for each of your Customer: Job in our Level 1 PCI Compliant Vault. 

  • Unlimited Desktop installations 
  • Easy to Use Interface. start processing immediately
  • Process Credit Cards In Real-Time
  • Unlimited Saved Credit Cards per Customer: Job 
  • Immediate Posting of the Payments in QuickBooks 
  • Multiple Invoices per Customer Transaction 
  • Pay Invoices, Statement Charges, and Sales Receipts 
  • Save Full Contact Info for Each Saved Credit Card 
  • Full Customer: Job QuickBooks integration
  • Monthly Billing of Invoices and Statement Charges 
  • Canadian QuickBooks Support
  • Multiple MID per QuickBooks File Support 
  • Desktop and Server Installations 

QuickBooks Compatibility list for payment terminal

  • Desktop Operating System Supported: Win 7. 8, 8.1 and 10 
  • Server Operating System Supported: Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later 
  • QuickBooks Supported: QulckBooks® 2009 or later 
  • U.S. & Canadian Editions (including 2016) 
  • QuickBooks® Pro 
  • QuickBooks® Premier 
  • QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions 
  • QuickBooks® Accountant 
  • QuickBooks® for MAC supported with a Windows emulator like VM-Ware or Parallels. 

Payment Integration for QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale)

The payment integration for QuickBooks Point of Sale allows you to process from QuickBooks® Point of Sale to your merchant accounts and save money.

Highlighted Product Features

Priced Right: Simplified subscriptions are a very attractive offer to merchants who are already dealing with various other fees and charges. 

Level 1 PCI Compliance: Level 1 PCI Compliant solution for your merchant data and processing requirements. 

Credit Card Processing: Payments processing for QuickBooks® Point of Sale and use our credit card merchant account to save on fees.

Swiped Transactions: Compatible with most USB Card Readers, lowering the overall cost of credit card processing. 

Works with QBPoint of Sale: Works with QBPOS® versions 10, 11 & 12 and keeps the same workflow to increase your productivity.  

Protect Your Business: Processed credit cards, account info, and sensitive data is on our secure, encrypted, and fully protected Level 1 PCI Compliant vault processing center.