Reduce Credit Risk & Improve Collections

Increase collection rates and speed up AR turnover without hurting your bottom line. A 100% compliant surcharging solution allows your businesses to accept credit cards and pass on the fee to the customer.

Tighten up Credit Policy

You can offer customers the ability to pay with credit card when they do not qualify for terms.

Increase Collection Rates

Reach out to past due customers and have them pay by credit card without hurting your bottom line.

Cheaper than ACH & Wire

You pay 0% to process credit cards because the customer covers the fees. If you charge $10,000 you receive $10,000.

Our Solution is 100% Compliant

In order to surcharge you must follow the rules set by the card brands.

Turnkey Solution

The turnkey solution makes sure you are covered. We go through the process of registering and make sure that everything is done compliantly.

Don't Risk Termination or Fines

Some businesses just add a fee not realizing they run the risk of being terminated or fined by the card brands. All it takes is a customer reporting the surcharge and the card brands will open an investigation. Our solution has you covered.

How it Works

Pay 0% on all credit card transactions Our surcharging solution keeps you 100% Compliant, ready to accept credit cards without any equipment requirements The surcharge passed onto your customers who choose to use a credit card. The customer is only surcharged on credit card

Fair to Everyone
Fully Compliant
No Equipment Required
Referral Program

Surcharging Compliance Rules

Why can't I just add a fee myself? You must follow the rules set by the card brands in order to add a fee for the credit card. Non-compliance can result in termination or fines.

Rule 1

Merchant must be registered with the card brands

  • Our solution handles the registration process on your behalf.
Rule 2
Rule 3
Rule 4
Rule 5
Rule 6
Rule 7
Rule 8