Make Procedures more affordable to all patients

A solution that strives to approve 100% of your patient's applications. Boost sales and increase ticket size with our NO Credit Check Financing. Start making your procedures more affordable to your patients.

Custom payment option program is great for patients that have been declined by your primary provider. Now your practice doesn't need to lose patients due to low FICO score.

Benefits to your Practice

  • 100% Approvals with NO Credit Check (Low FICO score is okay )
  • Quick approvals can be set up from the office or via text
  • The patient receives 0% interest, and we just charge a small setup fee
  • Non Recourse Payment Guarantee, you always get paid and do not assume the risk.
  • Low 3% transaction cost for the practice, as much as a credit card fee
  • No more late payments from patients
  • No more embarrassing conversations with patients who cannot afford their procedures
  • Approval amounts up to $2,500.00
  • Great secondary finance option for declines
  • Take the hassle out of managing an in house- finance program
  • A perfect solution for past due billings
  • Great way to improve your A/R turnover
  • Online solution with No hardware or terminal requirement

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