Close More Sales – Offer as Low as Monthly Payment Calculator

Have you ever sent out a quote & never heard back from the client?

Not everyone will tell you your product is too expensive, or does not fit their budget.

When the client sees the quote you want them to know their options.

BNC Finance can put together an as low as monthly payment calculator with an apply now link in the document.

Based on the type of equipment you sell and dollar range we can put together a customized calculator that will automate the as low as payment based on the total amount of the quote.

For example

You have a quote totaling $25,000

At the bottom of the quote below the total it could read

*Financing options available for as low as $431 per month  Click Here to Apply Now

We can also provide your business with a link to its own landing page for an online application.

*the above monthly amount is an example. Each calculator is customized for the businesses specific requirements.

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