Answer a few questions about your trucking or transportation business in order to see what you qualify for. Find out what you would likely qualify for without going through the whole credit check process. We offer Truck and Trailer financing programs for all credit types and business sizes. Whether you’re a startup owner-operator or an established trucking fleet.

Commercial Truck Financing Frequently Asked Questions

What types of commercial trucks can be financed?

When it comes to truck financing almost all types of trucks can be financed, as long as the truck is essential to your business. If you are a long-haul trucking business you can finance trucks such as sleeper cabs and box trucks. If you are a short-haul trucking business you might not need a sleeper cab truck. Businesses that are not transportation-related can still finance trucks as long as they are needed for the business. For example, you could be a manufacturing business that needs to deliver or pick up supplies.
Examples of trucks but not limited to are box trucks, semi-trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, bucket trucks, utility trucks, crane trucks, pumper trucks, cement trucks, sweeper trucks, flatbed trucks, panel trucks, tanker trucks, water trucks, 18 wheeler trucks and more.

Is it possible to finance used trucks?

Yes, you can finance used trucks as long as you qualify for a used truck financing program. Some truck financing programs have age restrictions. As a rule of thumb the longer the time in business, the stronger the credit and revenue, the less age restrictions you will have on financing. Typically local haul trucking companies are going to see less age restrictions than long haul. Long haul transportation businesses with large fleets and comparable debt can typically finance with no age restrictions at all.

How long can you finance a commercial truck?

Commercial truck term length depends on two factors. The financing program you get approved for and the age of the commercial truck. Typically new and used commercial truck financing programs go up to 60 months. Some top-tier programs go up to 72 and even 84-month terms. A rule of thumb is the older the truck the shorter the term. Also, some of the challenged credit and subprime truck financing programs have shorter terms. Most truck financing terms are at least 24 months.

Where can I get commercial truck financing?

BNC Finance offers a wide range of commercial truck financing options. Offering financing and leasing options for all business sizes ranging from owner-operators to large fleet financing. They have solutions for challenged credit as well as top-tier financing for competitive established fleets. Apply at

How to finance a commercial truck?

The commercial truck financing program is easy. First, you apply at, then you send over a quote of the new or used truck you are looking at. In some cases, the last three months’ bank statements will be required. Underwriting typically takes less than a day to get an answer if you are approved or declined. If you are approved you go over the terms, DocuSign contracts are sent out and the vendor is paid for the truck.

What are Semi Truck Financing Requirements?

There is a wide range of semi truck financing programs. The main factors that are looked at when applying for a semi-truck loan are the following. Here is also a link to various truck financing programs and specific requirements.
Semi Truck Financing Factors
How long have you been in business?
Are you using the semi-truck for the local or long haul?
Do you already have a semi-truck or is this your first one?
What is your credit score? Typically challenged credit can still get approved with a larger down payment.

How to finance a semi-truck with bad credit

The best way to get approved for semi truck financing with bad credit is either with a large down payment or pledging additional collateral. If you already own a truck free and clear you can usually use the additional collateral to get approved for the loan without credit score being an issue. Also if you have 25- 35% to put down you can usually get approved. The worse your credit is the higher the down payment or the more collateral that may be needed.