Zero Cost Credit Card Processing for Equipment Dealers and Suppliers

No longer do Equipment Dealers and Suppliers need to worry about adding a fee for the customer paying with a credit card. Our turnkey surcharging solution is 100% compliant with the card brands and makes sure you are covered.

How it Works


Equipment Dealers and Suppliers Pay 0% on all credit card transactions. Our surcharging solution keeps you 100% Compliant, ready to accept credit cards without any equipment requirements The surcharge passed onto your customers who choose to use a credit card. The customer is only surcharged on credit card



Many Equipment Dealers and Suppliers add a fee for credit cards not realizing they can be fined or terminated by the card brands. Equipment Dealers and suppliers cannot simply add a fee when the customer pays with credit card. They must follow a list of rules set by the card brands. Our Program complies with all rules to make sure the equipment dealer is covered. It is virtually impossible to surcharge your clients without a solution like ours. We can serve businesses in 44 states except. We do not yet serve companies in CO, CT, MA, ME, OK and KS.


Equipment Dealer Payment Portal

Equipment Dealer Company Payment Portal allows customers to pay their bill from a hosted payment page. The online Equipment Dealer Company payment portal link can be added to monthly billing invoices as well as to a website.

Equipment Dealer Company Payment Portal Features:

  • Recurring Billing: Save customer's credit card information in a secure portal and set up automatic billing to make sure customers are paying bills on time.
  • Zero Processing Fees for Credit Cards: Surcharging solution allows Equipment Dealer companies the ability to accept credit cards as a form of payment without incurring the fees.
  • Increase Invoice Collections: Let customers pay with credit card without hurting your profit margins.


Online Payment Portal for Equipment Dealers

As you can see below the customer is automatically notified of the fee. The solution is also set up to cover all compliance for surcharging to keep the Equipment Dealer covered. The fee is added as part of the transaction and the business is paid the total amount of the bill. If the price is $1,500 the business receives $1,500 and the customer covers the fees.

Submit Pay by credit card link to invoices

It's as easy as adding a link to invoices for customers to pay by credit card. When a customer clicks the link they are taken to the below page. When the customer pays they cover the fee and you receive the whole amount.

Customer Facing Payment Page Example 2

Equipment Dealer Payment Processing Software for all ways of accepting credit cards

Our Equipment Dealer Business processing solution allows businesses the ability to accept credit cards in all ways customers want to pay while paying zero credit card processing fees.

  • Collect payments In-person with card-present transactions.
  • Collect payments over the phone with a virtual terminal
  • Collect payments when customers pay online through an online customer portal