Benefits of Self Service Kiosks in Your Restaurant & Food Service Business

Restaurants are starting to employ self serve kiosks to satisfy the customer's demands for convenience. The growing trend of self serve kiosks is growing in all restaurant types from fast food to sit down dining.

Many enterprise chains are transforming their ordering model to incorporate kiosks, tabletop ordering, and even online or mobile ordering. Through such employment, consumers can now order without a need for staff interaction. This is a huge opportunity for restaurants because it increases their profit margins while giving customers more convenient ways to order. Restaurants who are not employing these technologies are putting themselves at a disadvantage. The most obvious improvement is that kiosks offer faster service. Analysts estimate that self serve kiosks reduce order time by almost 40%. This total order time entails from the moments a customer begins ordering to the time their food is ready for pickup or Delivery. This gives customers with a short lunch break the ability to go to your restaurant when they otherwise may not have been able to. Self serve kiosks tend to have larger food orders; this is because when customers order from a person, sometimes they are embarrassed or ashamed to order a lot of food. When they order from a machine, they aren't worried about what they think. 

In conclusion, self serve kiosks improve restaurant productivity while increasing profit margins. In addition to increasing profits, they increase sales increasing order sizes because guests do not have to go through a one-on-one interaction to order, they are now more comfortable in ordering. In another Appetize case study, it compared the sales of kiosk against a manned cashier terminal which is now outdated because of the digital age; the case study showed a 21% increase in the average order size and other additional items on their carts upon checkout. It is simple, more items on the check out cart mean additional revenues for the restaurants. In connection with customers being comfortable in ordering, kiosks never forget to upsell, which results in customers buying an up-large drink or additional desserts. Unlike manned cashiers, they focus on getting the orders that they sometimes forget to upsell, but with kiosks, there is always an option to add other things on the first order, making the customer pay more. 

Benefits of self serve kiosks

  • Reduced time frame from order to delivery/pickup
  • reduction of employee compensation/reduced staff requirements
  • customers order more food from a kiosk than a person
  • up sell orders by offering incentives upon checkout
  • incorporate rewards and loyalty programs
  • increased amount of customers for lunch break

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Benefits of Self Service Kiosks in Your Restaurant & Food Service Business

Restaurants are starting to employ self serve kiosks to satisfy the customer’s demands for convenience. The growing trend of self…

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