BNC Construction Equipment Financing division has built relationships with equipment Manufacturers and Dealers to offer our customers specialized financing and leasing options.

We help you find good deals or finance the equipment you already found.




Attachment Only Financing Program

Many lenders will not finance construction equipment attachments by themselves.  Our construction equipment attachment program allows contractors the ability to Finance construction attachments without financing the equipment it is attached to.

What are Construction Equipment Attachments?

Construction & Heavy Equipment Attachments enhance the ability of your machinery to do different types of tasks. Attachments are an easy way to increase the services you offer without buying a whole new machine. The most common types of heavy equipment that use attachments are skid steers, excavators, and backhoe loaders.

How Construction Attachment Financing works

Application only attachment financing allows you to acquire the heavy equipment attachments your business needs through a quick and easy online application. Offering a wide range of terms and structures to fit your business needs. Attachment Financing terms range from 12 to 60 months with funding amounts ranging from $500 up to $150,000.

0% Financing Program

We have built relationships with equipment manufacturers and dealers to offer exclusive financing specials through BNC Finance.

Fill out the Pre-Qualify form to see if we have vendors selling your equipment types.

Used Equipment with No Age Restrictions

No age Restriction Used Equipment Financing allows you to finance older model equipment without age or mileage restrictions.

Terms up to 60 months, dependent on estimated useful life of equipment. Application only up to $250,000

Private Party Equipment Financing

Our private party equipment financing program allows businesses to finance construction equipment from private sellers. Many banks will not finance used equipment unless it is being purchased from a certified equipment dealer. Our Private Party financing allows you to take advantage of great deals from private sellers.

Private Seller Construction Equipment Types

Offering private party financing & leasing for all types of construction equipment. Financing options ranging from generators to excavators to dump trucks. Private seller financing does not have age restrictions. The older the equipment the shorter the finance term length.

90 Day Deferred Financing

Contractors can acquire the equipment they need and use it for 90 days prior to any regular payments. Deferred equipment financing allows businesses to get a headstart on productivity and improve cash flow.

How 90 Day Deferred Equipment Financing works:

The business is able to take possession of equipment with no regular payments for 3 months. Deferred payment structure works with 24 to 60-month equipment financing and leasing terms. Startup and new businesses do not qualify for the deferred payment program.

Seasonal Payment Program

Does your business slow down at certain times of the year? We offer a seasonal payment contruction equipment financing program. Gives you the ability to have lower payments in the slow season.

Auction Financing

Get pre approved to finance construction equipment from the auction. Take advantage of good opportunities knowing your purchasing budget.

Why buy heavy equipment from an auction?

Construction Equipment Soft Cost Financing

Finance the soft costs associated with your construction equipment purchase. Bundle in a percentage of costs to your monthly payment. Such as shipping, installation, training and/or maintenance contracts.


Challenged Credit Equipment Financing

Construction Equipment Financing for business owners with bad credit. Construction equipment financing up to $125,000. Shareholders must have minimum FICO of 550 and 3 years time in business.

Revenue Based Construction Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing based on revenue and cash flow.

New and Used Equipment Financing up to $100,000

No minimum FICO requirement

Asset Backed Construction Equipment Financing

Have bad credit but own additional equipment? Our collateral-backed equipment financing program allows you to get approved by pledging additional collateral.

No minimum FICO or time in business requirement

2x1 Collateral Required: Collateral can be Construction Equipment, Titled Vehicles and Real Estate
Funding From $20,000 to $2,500,000


10/20 Startup Construction Equipment Financing Program

This program is for new businesses with the ability to put 10-20% down. Now approving up to $100K


675+ FICO up to $50,000 with 10% Down Payment
700+ FICO up to $100,000 with 20% Down Payment
Max Term of 60 Months
Bank Statements are required for this program.

New Business with industry Experience

The program is ideal for new businesses where the shareholders have prior industry experience. Application only financing up to $150,000


  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of industry experience
  • Minimum FICO Score 650 FICO
  • *Some equipment restrictions such as age, mileage, and hours.


Heavy Earthmoving Equipment

Financing all types of New & Used Heavy Earthmoving Equipment; including but not limited to

Crawler Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Crawler Excavators, Landfill Dozers, Mining Excavators, Rigid Frame Haul Trucks, Motor Graders, Landfill Compactors, Articulated Dump Trucks, Hydraulic Excavators, Pipelayers, wheeled tool carrier, wheeled excavators, hybrid excavators, Hydrostatic crawler dozer, Long Reach Excavators, Remote Control Dozers, Soil Compactors,

Light Earthmoving Equipment

Smaller size earthmoving equipment used for landscaping and other specialty contractors

Types of Light earthmoving equipment include mini excavators, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders and skid steer loaders.

Construction Technology

Financing & leasing options for all types of construction technology and software.

Types of construction technology we can finance include thermal mapping systems, aerial intelligence platforms, construction drones, smart antennas, scanners, thermal cameras, construction telematics, vehicle dispatching systems, electronic grade controls, wireless machine information systems, equipment management software, gps and lasers.

Construction Industry Technology Trends in 2021

Construction Drone Financing

Agriculture Drone Financing

Trucking & Hauling Equipment

Offering financing and leasing solutions for a wide range of construction trucking and hauling equipment.

Types of trucking equipment we finance include dump trucks, cement trucks, utility trucks, heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, mixer trucks, snow removal equipment, service trucks, water trucks, special purpose trucks, and pickups.

We also finance a wide range of trailer types including flatbed trailers, low bed trailers, side dump trailers, bottom dump trailers, end dump trailers, platform trailers, and special purpose trailers.

Lifting & Material Handling Equipment

Drilling & Trenching Equipment

Construction Lighting & Generators

Attachments & Ancillary Equipment


Invoice Factoring

Get paid on outstanding commercial invoices. Allows construction companies to borrow cash against outstanding invoices allowing them to improve cash flow and take on more jobs.

Equipment Refinancing

Use free and Clear Construction and Titled Equipment to access capital. Refinance your construction equipment for up to 48 months.

Short Term Working Capital

Take out a short term working capital loan for quick immediate cash flow needs. Based on last 3 months revenue.