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Construction Industry Solutions to offer financing outside your captive program.

Construction Attachment Financing

Construction Attachment Only Financing Program

Many Lenders will not finance attachments without collateralizing the equipment that it's attached to. Our attachment only financing program allows construction equipment dealers the ability to offer customer financing on construction attachments.

Key Benefits of Construction Attachment Financing Program

  • New & Used Attachment Only Financing
  • App Only from as low as $500 up to $150,000
  • Up to 60 Month Terms
  • Not required to finance equipment along with attachment
Construction Technology Financing

Construction Technology Financing

Offer competitive financing options on the latest Construction Technology that most banks will not finance. Construction Equipment dealers can offer financial incentives to upsell customers to purchase technology along with their equipment. Offering financing and leasing options or all types of construction technology.

  • Construction GPS Technology Financing
  • Construction Laser Technology Financing
  • Construction Equipment Management Technology Financing

Construction Drone UAV Financing

  • Application Only Drone Financing from $500 up to $150,000
  • 12 to 36 month terms
  • New & Used Drone Financing

Used Equipment Financing Program

  • No Age Restriction on used construction equipment
  • Up to 60 month terms
  • Private Party Construction Equipment Financing
  • Application only from $500 up to $250,000/per piece

Power System Financing

  • Used Power System Financing up to 60 Months
  • Electric Power System Financing
  • Generator Financing
  • Commercial HVAC Financing
  • Air Compressor Financing
  • Industrial & Petroleum Engine Financing

Financing for Machinery Rebuilds

  • Wide range of working capital solutions to cover machinery rebuild costs
  • Equipment Refinancing
  • Short Term Working Capital
  • Invoice Financing
  • Line of Credit

Equipment Loans as Low as $500

  • Offer Financing on Tools and small pieces of equipment
  • Now you can offer financing for the low dollar amount transactions your captive program wont touch.
  • Up to 60 Month Terms

Subsidized Financing

  • Buy down the rate to offer sales promotions. Such as “0% Financing on approved Credit, 2% financing on approved credit, etc 
  • Construction Equipment Manufacturers can increase dealer sales by strategically promoting their brand.

Asset Backed Collateral Loans

  • No Minimum FICO or Time in business
  • Asset Backed Collateral Loans – Require 2x1 collateral 
  • Eligible Assets Include – Yellow Iron, AG Equipment, Titled Vehicles and Real Estate 
  • Loans from $20,000 to $2,500,000

Seasonal Equipment Financing

  • Seasonal Payment Structure to improve cash flow of seasonal businesses
  • Lowered payments in the slow season
  • Application Only up to $250,000

Revenue Based Equipment Financing

  • Financing up to $75,000
  • For businesses with strong revenue and bad credit
  • No minimum FICO

Extended Term Lengths for your Equipment Rental Customers

  • Used Equipment Financing up to 60 months for equipment rental companies.
  • Most lenders require short term lengths on equipment rental companies.
  • Longer terms gives equipment rental companies immediate positive cash flow

Working Capital Solutions for the Construction Industry

Alternate working capital solutions to cover down payments, parts, repairs, past due debt & collections

Construction Invoice Factoring

  • Construction Companies can get paid on outstanding invoices to purchase equipment, products & services from you.
Equipment Refinancing

Equipment Refinancing & Sale Leaseback

  • Refinance Equipment to obtain additional capital.
  • Up to 48 month terms
  • Challenged credit and top tier programs.
  • Risk adjusted pricing

Construction Industry Line of Credit

  • Alternate Option to extending terms to customers
  • Set up customers with line of credit to pay for repairs, parts & supplies.

Wide Range of Funding Solutions for your Clients


The design of market specific financing programs met to address the individual needs and sales objections of your customers.


Financial Sales and training for your respective business units on how to properly sell financing as part of the overall sale, how to approach the potential client early on in the sales process to determine budget availability and the proper budget.


Design of multi-tiered financing model in order to provide maximum flexibility and best fit customer financing programs tailored to each of your respective sales channels.

Industry Specific Solutions

Use Leasing as a Sales Tool.

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Expanded Industry Financing Solutions

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4 partnership options to best fit your business requirements.

Enterprise & Strategic Partners

Ideal for an organization that has business customers and wants to strategically partner to offer a captive financing program to meet your customers financing requirements.

Referral & Funding Partner

You’re a broker, sales organization, professional services firm, or direct lender who wants to offer additional lending products to your customer base of business owners. BNC provides sales trainging and marketing solutions help our partners grow and increase income.

Affiliate Partner

Designed for bloggers and publishers that have an audience of business owners who would benefit from BNC Finances solutions. Allows affiliate to earn income whille bringing value to their audience.

Consumer Financing for your Customers

Designed for businesses to consumer companies who have customers that need financing.