Earn Residual Income From our Merchant Service Referral Program


Potential to earn residual income from accounts you refer. Uncapped earning potential with above industry payouts

Training & Support

A team to help you succeed! Providing training and support from prospecting to closing.


A wide range of payment processing solutions for all industry types. Giving you the edge needed to close more business

How Merchant Service Referral Program Works

The BNC Merchant Service Referral Program is simple. You refer to an organization or business to BNC. Once they sign up, BNC will send you monthly ongoing payments as a percentage of the profits we earn, every month.

The Process

  1. Fill out the online form with details of merchant lead
  2. BNC handles all of the sales processes, all you do is introduce BNC and they handle the rest.
  3. BNC puts together savings proposals, software demonstrations, and answers any questions.
  4. Once approved BNC will notify you.
  5. You receive monthly reports with details on referrals and conversions.

Programs that can be referred

All of our merchant service programs can be referred to. We have a wide range of solutions specific to certain industry types. If you work with a particular industry we can put together marketing material specific to solutions we offer that bring value to those industries.

Programs for all ways businesses accept credit cards

Ways To Accept Credit Cards infographic

We have payment processing solutions for all ways that businesses want to accept credit cards.

Offer your contacts a free merchant statement analysis!

Let businesses know you work with someone that can give them free merchant service savings analysis. All the business has to do is provide a recent merchant statement and BNC can develop a proposal highlighting the savings we can offer by switching over.

Eliminate Businesses Credit Card Processing Fees

100% compliant surcharging solution allows businesses to eliminate their cost to accept credit cards. A great solution for businesses with large transaction amounts or low-profit margins.

QuickBooks Integration

Do you know businesses that are using Quickbooks? We can easily integrate with their Quickbooks and reduce their processing fees. Allowing them to continue using Quickbooks and pay less to process credit card transactions.

How to Sign up for Merchant Service Referral Program

Top Referred Solution - ZCC

Legally Compliant Surcharging Solution allows businesses to pay 0% in credit card processing fees while providing a no fee debit option to customers. The higher a companies average transaction the more value this solution brings.