OmniCommerce Business Solution

These days everyone understands the importance of selling products online. As convenience becomes more important to consumers so does the need to take your Retail business Online. OmniProcessing increases customer retention by providing customers multiple ways to pay for your products. This is why you should set up an online eCommerce Business.

Start Listing In-Store Products Online

Cloud-based multi-channel retail management solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Embrace the power of the future. Now. Introducing a truly customizable cross-platform point of sale system.

Ecommerce Retail Pos

Template Based Online Ordering

You can easily customize the template to match your business needs and brand identity. Allowing you to create an online eCommerce business that aligns with your brand identity.

Set up your Online eCommerce Business

Customizable Inventory Management

Add Inventory with Smartphone

  • Inventory Mobile App to upload inventory from smartphone, Simply scan items and they are automatically updated to inventory

Inventory Customization

  • Utilize multiple variations such as size, color, and style to track inventory and know what’s in stock. You can create hundreds of combinations and set price, cost, and quantity for each.

Real-time inventory tracking

  • Create, disperse, manage, and track the inventory received. Keep track of your stock. Set a count for different items, and set warnings for when those items are running low.

Check Reorder Levels

  • Receive stock alert emails so you always know which items are low or out of stock so you can order more in time.

Purchase Order

  • Easily put together your purchase order right from the portal, which can be sent instantly to the vendor.
Retail Ecommerce Vendor Management

Manage Vendors

Manage your vendors by having all the supplier information in one place, in the absence of a vendor management system, storing and retrieving data might prove to be tough, because you may be dealing with multiple vendors for multiple projects at the same time.

Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customers with ease. With our loyalty program, they’ll keep coming back for more. Any allergy information, discounts, or special notes will be shown to the customer as they are added.

OmniCommerce Marketing Solution

Integrate a strategic marketing plan for your online e-commerce and retail locations

Text Marketing

  • Using CRM, you can send text messages to your customers for special offers and promo codes. Discounts can be applied either as a dollar value or as a percentage.

Expanded Online Presence

  • Online Store products can be found in search results and ad integration

Loyalty Rewards

  • Keep customers coming back with loyalty programs

Wholesale & B2B Integration

One solution can integrate your wholesale and retail channels. Easily Create customized pricing lists for your various customer payment channels. Offer custom pricing specific customers or categories.

Wholesale Pricing
  • Offer different pricing for wholesale customers
Large Quantity Discounts
  • Offer large quantity discounts to specific customer channels

Pay 0% in Credit Card Processing Fees

  • Compliant Surcharging solution gives you the ability to pass on the fee when the customer pays with a credit card. Allowing you to accept credit card on wholesale transactions without paying the processing fees.
Ecommerce Retail Reporting

Enhanced Reporting for Sales, Inventory or Vendors

Segment, sort and filter reports by any field. Built-in reports for EOD sales, hourly sales, customer management, top-selling items, etc. You can also track sales by terminal if you have multiple terminals.


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