Now you can pay 0% in credit card processing fees to accept credit cards through QuickBooks online.

Credit Card Surcharging for QuickBooks Online (qbo)

With our compliant surcharging solution you can accept credit card payments through QuickBooks while paying 0% in credit card processing fees. Our surcharging solution is ideal for industries that do not want to pay the fees to accept credit cards, with a compliant way to pass them on to the customer.

QBO surcharging features

  • Sync Payments with QuickBooks
  • Compatible with multiple QuickBooks premier, Enterprise, Pro, and Accountant Edition.
  • Set up email payment reminders
  • Create personalized email templates
  • Set up Automatic and recurring payment scheduling
  • Hosted Payment Page
What accounting software providers can you integrate credit card surcharging with?

Currently credit card surcharging can be integrated with QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, and Oracle Netsuite.