Drone LiDAR Sensor Financing and Leasing

A Light Detection and Ranging (or LiDAR) sensor emits light energy to scan the ground and measure variable distances. This technology can be mounted on aerial drones to provide a rich set of topographical data, making it invaluable in any industry that requires regular surveying or inspections: Oil and gas, utilities, insurance, even public safety organizations. What’s more, LiDAR sensor drones can lead to significant boosts in efficiency, allowing vast areas to be surveyed and mapped with a minimal investment of manpower.

The biggest hindrance to this technology is the cost. At BNC Finance, we strive to make advanced drone technology widely accessible to businesses of all sizes, and in all industries. We invite you to learn more about our services in drone LiDAR sensor financing and leasing.

Our Services in Drone LiDAR Sensor Financing and Leasing

Our drone LiDAR sensor financing services allow you to get the equipment you need now, with minimal upfront investment. In doing so, you can save money for other future expenses or operational needs. BNC Finance makes drone financing easy with affordable monthly payments and flexible loan terms.

We also provide LiDAR sensor leasing, allowing you to make use of this state-of-the-art technology without as much of a long-term commitment. When your lease expires, we’ll be happy to walk you through additional options, whether that means extending your lease, discontinuing your lease, or trading up for a more advanced piece of drone technology.

Please be aware that whether you choose to lease or finance your equipment, you may be eligible to deduct the cost under Tax Code 179.

Finance or Lease a Drone LiDAR Sensor

Fast Approvals

Simple Repayment Terms

Competitive Terms

Startup Program

Up to $50,000

App Only up to $500,000

For Established businesses

UAV LiDAR Sensor Leasing

LiDAR Sensor and UAV Software Financing

Financing up to $2,000,000

with full finacials

Types of Lidar systems that can be financed and leased

Several types of UAV LiDAR systems can be financed, depending on the business's specific needs. Some of the most common types of UAV LiDAR systems include:

  1. Fixed-wing LiDAR systems: These are mounted on a fixed-wing UAV and are ideal for large-scale surveying and mapping applications.
  2. Rotary-wing LiDAR systems: These systems are mounted on a rotary-wing UAV, such as a helicopter or drone, and are ideal for smaller-scale mapping and surveying applications.
  3. Miniature LiDAR systems: These systems are small and lightweight, making them ideal for indoor or confined space inspection applications.
  4. Mobile LiDAR systems: These systems are mounted on vehicles and can be used for various applications, including transportation, infrastructure inspection, and surveying.
  5. Airborne LiDAR systems: These systems are mounted on aircraft and can be used for large-scale mapping and surveying projects, environmental monitoring, and forestry applications.

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