Explore BNC Finance’s Drone Leasing Solutions, expertly crafted to meet state and local municipalities’ unique needs. Our versatile leasing programs are ideal for a wide range of municipal applications: Not a municipality? Check out our commercial UAV Solutions

Tailored Drone Leasing for Municipalities

BNC Finance’s drone leasing program for municipalities is tailored for flexibility and affordability. It offers customizable leasing plans, deferred payments, and a wide range of equipment options, including various drone types and essential accessories. The program also simplifies procurement by allowing multi-vendor bundling and covers all related soft costs like training, installation, and software licensing, ensuring a comprehensive solution for municipal needs. 

Flexible Financing Options

  • Customized Leasing Plans: Tailored to fit the budgetary requirements of municipalities, ensuring affordability and financial sustainability. 
  • Deferred Payment Options: Allows municipalities to start using drones immediately while deferring payments to a later date, aiding in budget management. 
  • Varied Payment Schedules: Municipalities can choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options, ensuring that the leasing plan fits seamlessly into their existing financial structures. 

Wide Range of Equipment Coverage

  • Inclusive of Various Drone Types: Leasing options cover a broad spectrum of drones, from multirotor to fixed-wing and VTOL drones, catering to diverse municipal needs. 
  • UAV Sensors and Accessories: Leasing not only drones but also essential sensors, cameras, and other accessories required for specific municipal tasks. 

Multi-Vendor Equipment Bundling

  • One Consolidated Lease for Diverse Equipment: Allows municipalities to combine equipment from multiple vendors into a single lease package, simplifying procurement and financial management. 
  • Flexibility in Selection: Municipalities can select the best equipment from various manufacturers, ensuring they get the most suitable and effective technology. 

Include Soft and Ancillary Costs

  • Training Costs: The lease can include expenses related to training municipal staff in the operation and maintenance of the drones, ensuring skilled and safe usage. 
  • Installation and Setup: Costs associated with the installation, setup, and integration of drones into existing systems can be covered in the lease. 
  • Delivery and Transportation: The lease package can cover the costs of delivering the drones and related equipment to the municipality. 
  • Software Licensing and Updates: Essential software for drone operation, along with necessary updates and licenses, can be included, ensuring municipalities have access to the latest technology. 

Types of City and State Municipalities

  • City Governments: Elevate urban management with drones for traffic control, infrastructure inspection, and public safety initiatives. Our leasing options make advanced technology easily accessible to cities. 
  • County Governments: Enhance county-level operations like land surveying, agricultural monitoring, and environmental management. BNC Finance provides cost-effective solutions to integrate drones into your county services. 
  • Townships: Small-scale yet impactful, our drone leasing can support townships in community policing, event monitoring, and disaster response, ensuring you stay ahead with technology without straining your budget. 
  • Public Safety Departments: Fire, police, and emergency services can leverage drones for critical search and rescue missions, emergency scene analysis, and disaster management. BNC Finance offers flexible leasing terms that align with public safety budget cycles. 
  • Transportation Departments: Improve infrastructure maintenance and traffic analysis with our drone solutions. They’re perfect for transportation departments needing to inspect and manage roads and bridges efficiently. 
  • Environmental and Park Services: Monitor and protect natural resources with drones. Our leasing options provide an economical way for environmental agencies and park services to utilize aerial technology for conservation and wildlife management. 
  • Educational Institutions: From public schools to universities, enhance educational and research opportunities with drones. BNC Finance’s leasing options are tailored to fit educational budgets and requirements. 
  • Utility Services: Keep utility infrastructure at its best. Drones offer a safe and efficient way to inspect and maintain utilities, and our leasing plans make this technology readily available. 

For Municipalities

Unlock Drone Technology for Your Municipality with BNC Finance

Transform your municipal operations with advanced drone technology. BNC Finance offers flexible financing solutions tailored to your municipality’s needs. Whether it’s for public safety, infrastructure monitoring, or urban planning, our leasing options make drone technology accessible and affordable. 

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  • Step into the Future: Enhance your municipal services with cutting-edge drones. 
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: Our financing options are designed to fit your municipality’s budget. 
  • Easy Application Process: Get started with a simple application. 

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For Drone Vendors

Grow Your Business with BNC Finance’s Municipality Leasing Options 

Are you a drone vendor looking to expand your market into municipal sectors? BNC Finance can help—partner with us to offer tailored drone financing solutions to your municipal customers. 

  • Broaden Your Reach: Tap into the municipal market with financing options that appeal to local governments. 
  • Enhance Your Offering: Provide comprehensive solutions, including financing that makes technology adoption easier for municipalities. 
  • Collaborative Growth: Work with us to create mutually beneficial financing solutions for your municipal customers. 

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