Real Estate Photography and Videography Drone Financing

Real Estate Photography & Videography Drone Financing & Leasing

Real estate agencies need high-quality photos and videos to market their homes and to connect with potential buyers. One of the most efficient ways to collect these images is with drones. Unmanned aerial drones can quickly capture high-quality images and videos of homes, properties, and more, easily obtaining views that agents alone could not capture.

The biggest problem with real estate photography and video drones is that they can be expensive on the front-end. BNC Finance provides a range of solutions to help real estate agents afford this technology. We invite you to learn more.

Our Services in Real Estate Drone Financing & Leasing

At BNC Finance, we provide financing services for real estate photography and video drones. Agents can obtain the technology they need without making massive upfront payments, allowing them to conserve money for future capital expenses. Our financing services come with affordable monthly payments, made over convenient timelines.

Additionally, BNC Finance provides leasing services, making it possible to use real estate drones without making a long-term commitment. When your lease term ends, you can choose to extend it, discontinue it, or upgrade to a different type of drone.

No matter whether you choose to finance or lease, you may qualify to deduct the cost of your real estate drones under Tax Code 179.

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