Compactor Financing

When building a road, there are several pieces of heavy equipment required, including the compactor. These machines, also known as compact rollers, are typically ride-on vehicles used to crunch down the various layers of materials that are used to make the road.

This is just one potential application of compactor technology. For example, compactors are also used to compact trash and debris. And, they can be useful when compacting the terrain of a park or field. The bottom line: Compact rollers function as essential equipment and may be valuable to any construction crew.

The question is, what’s the best way to obtain a compactor? There are a number of options, from renting machinery to purchasing it outright. Most business owners find that financing is the most advantageous solution, and it’s something we’re happy to provide at BNC Finance.

We’re thrilled to offer a range of compact roller financing options, allowing you to get the equipment you need without overextending your resources. Some reasons to consider BNC Finance:

  • There’s no down payment required.
  • We offer monthly payments that are predictable and easy to manage.
  • We provide custom solutions to meet your business needs and objectives.
  • We make it easy to apply, with applications usually taking just a few minutes.
  • Our rates are flexible and competitive.

Are you curious to learn more about compactor financing? Start the application process with BNC Finance today.

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Benefits of Financing a Compact Roller

Benefits of Financing a Compact Roller

Construction companies need high-quality equipment to ensure their crews can work safely and efficiently. At the same time, they need financing options that don’t force them to overcommit their resources. Consider a few of the benefits of compactor financing via BNC.

  • 1) We offer financing with no down payment required.

    Often, one of the biggest obstacles to financing is making the initial payment, which requires you to have a fair amount of cash on hand. We are happy to provide financing options that don’t require upfront payment of any kind.

  • 2) We keep the application process simple and quick.

    We take pride in keeping the application process smooth and seamless. In fact, the BNC Finance application is so easy and convenient that most clients complete it in just a few minutes’ time.

  • 3) With compactor financing, you can ramp up your productivity.

    One of the top reasons to finance your compact roller is that it places cash in your hand right away, allowing you to immediately start using your compactor to complete projects and generate revenues.

  • 4) Financing allows you to conserve your resources. 

    Running any kind of a business requires you to keep up with monthly expenses, to say nothing of emergency costs that can arise without warning. By financing, you can conserve your resources and maintain steady cash flow, allowing you to keep up with these expenditures without a problem.

  • 5) We ensure predictable monthly payments.

    You’ll be able to count on predictable and manageable monthly payments when you finance with BNC, which in turn means you can plan, budget, forecast, and monitor your cash flow much more easily and efficiently.

  • 6) BNC Finance offers custom service terms. 

    We’re happy to offer numerous compactor financing plans, including Deferred Payments, Seasonal Payments, Auction Financing, Private Seller Financing, Equipment Refinancing, Equipment Leasing, and Sale Leasebacks.

  • 7) Financing can be a guard against inflation. 

    When you finance you can lock in rates, which can provide a safeguard against economic instability, including inflation.

  • 8) We make it easy to bundle your compact roller financing solutions. 

    At BNC, we provide options to bundle your equipment, maintenance, and installation costs into a single loan, including costs associated with compact roller attachments.

  • 9) Financing is one good way for you to boost your business credit. 

    Simply by being timely with your payments, you can build a better credit score, opening up more borrowing power for future needs that might arise.

  • 10) Compactor financing allows you to stretch your dollar. 

    Compactor technology is constantly improving. Financing stretches your dollar, allowing you to invest in the latest, the most advanced, and the most reliable machinery on the market.

  • 11) You may be able to take advantage of potential tax deductions. 

    If your company is eligible to claim tax code Section 179 deductions, compact roller financing expedites depreciation against taxable income. To determine whether your business qualifies for tax code 179, meet with a financial planner or accountant.

Compactor Financing Frequently Asked Questions

Compactor Financing Q&A

How long is the typical financing term for a compact roller? 

Usually, compactor financing terms last from 24 and 72 months. Several factors can affect this timeline, but the most significant is the useful life of the equipment. Financing terms almost never extend past the compactor’s useful life.

Can I get compactor financing even if I have a bad credit score? 

BNC Finance provides financing for credit scores as low as 550. Of course, the higher your credit score, the better the terms of your loan will be.

What is no-credit-check financing for compact rollers? 

We’re happy to provide financing without requiring a full credit check. While we may run a soft credit check, this will not have any negative impact on your score.

Is it possible to get financing to buy a compactor from a private seller?

This is an option we can accommodate here at BNC Finance. We simply ask that when you complete our equipment financing application, you denote your preference to buy from a private seller.

How much will my monthly payments be? 

Monthly payments are determined by several factors, which can include the cost of the equipment, your years of business experience, and your business credit score.

Which is more cost-effective: Renting or financing my compact roller? 

If you’re looking to use a compact roller for a one-time project, renting is probably the smartest move. But if you intend to use your compactor regularly, financing makes much more sense. Apply today with BNC Finance.