Can Businesses Legally Pass on the Credit Card Processing Fee to the Customer

In order to to pass on the credit card fee, merchants must comply with the contractual rules required by the credit card brands (such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard). Companies that pass on a fee and are not compliant can be fined for non compliance. Below we will highlight some of the requirements in order to legally pass on the fee for credit card to the customer.

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If they are taking card present transactions they need to have appropriate signage at the store entrance. If their customers are paying online or via virtual terminal it needs to state the fee at point of sale.

At point of sale most businesses do not know the exact cost of the credit card they are processing. This makes it virtually impossible for them to add a fee because if the fee is more than the cost they are profiting from the transaction. Our solution makes it so that the merchant cannot profit of the transaction.

This means that their software must be able to differentiate between debit and credit. If a customer runs the debit card as credit and is surcharged this would not be compliant.

Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Oklahoma and Kansas

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